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Why Choose Teaching in China
Why Choose Teaching in China
Frequently asked questions
The cost of living is cheap compared to western countries; however, housing prices in Beijing might surprise you. Food is cheap, while western food, such as Hamburgers, Pizza, etc., can run for about the same prices as they would in your hometown.
After confirming you will come to China, you will receive a visa invitation letter. This invitation letter is taken to a Chinese embassy somewhere in your home country along with other required documents (embassy requirements may vary by branch; please check with your nearest embassy for more information). You may go by yourself, or if you live far away, you can use a processing company to go and apply for you.
Our teachers have single bedrooms, with shared living space, bathroom, and kitchen. Housing comes with access to internet and cable TV, a TV, furniture, western style toilet, washing machine, stovetop, air conditioning and heating, hot water, and refrigerator.
Jobsdaily teachers teach English in a variety of teaching positions in Beijing. These positions include kindergarten, middle school, and high school positions. A part of our recruitment process includes determining if you will be teaching in kindergarten position or a position with older students. A majority of our teachers are currently teaching in Kindergartens. In our partner kindergarten schools, the kids are ages 3-6, with about 15-30 kids in one classroom. Teachers sing songs, introduce new words using flashcards, and have activities with the kids. There is some playing involved since the kids are young and love to have fun. Teaching can help you learn so much about kids, and once you start, being with the kids almost always has you leaving the classroom with a smile on your face!
That is a great question! Everyone has different needs for living abroad. For some recommendations, please feel free to look here at an all encompassing look at what many teachers have recommended.
Jobsdaily Staff works with teachers after arrival to ensure they are prepared to step into the classroom and have fun activities with the kids. Our staff goes over the classroom routine, teaching activities, curriculum, and has practice run-throughs during this training period. Depending on your previous experiences with kids, the introductory process and practice run-throughs can range from a 3-4 hour time period to multiple multi-hour sessions that last over a week. We show you the different activities that are common in the classroom and we ask you to perform them in a training environment to help prepare for in-class instruction.
All of our schools provide a modern environment with lots of assistance.
Steps to apply
Procedure to become an English teacher

Step 1:Apply Online

      Apply Online with the position ID(s). Our agent will contact you either with email or other communication methods you preferred.


Step 2:Online Interview

      Your agent will confirm your preferences and then match you with the school, If any school preferred your resume, we will make an online meeting appointment for both sides.


Step 3:Accepted Offer

      Once accepted the offer from the school and then signing the contract, you can prepare your visa after getting inviation letter.


Step 4:Come to China

      Buy your flight ticket, come to China, start your new life!